Cool Old Bikes

As we kick into the summer riding season, you can check out our “new” bikes in the store. Rick from Bike-N-Hike in Longmont was kind enough to let us display 4 really cool bikes. The first two are 1986 reproductions of the Columbia Mfg. RX-5. (See story below).

The other bike is a 1970’s era racing bike made by Pogliaghi. It must have been a fantastic bike for the time, because it is still nice today. (See below)

And the 4th one is a Simoncini racing bike from the same era as the Pogliaghi. It was difficult to find much information on the Simoncini on the internet. Rick knew a little bit of the history saying that prisoners in Italy learned how to make bikes in prison. When they got out they started their own bike companies and this Simoncini was one of these.

All of these bikes are hanging from the ceiling and these bikes are for sale through Bike-N-Hike. Bike-N-Hike


The Pogliaghi

Pogliaghi was an Italian racing bicycle manufacturer, based in Milan, Italy.

The company was founded by Sante Pogliaghi in 1947. Pogliaghi did much of the work, but had up to six staff by the late 1970s, when production increased from 300 frames a year to 800. [1]

Cyclists such as Patrick Sercu and Eddy Merckx used Pogliaghi frames.

Sante Pogliaghi’s speciality was tandem , stayer and track bicycles.

Sante Pogliaghi died in 2000.

Pogliaghi sold or transferred rights to build bicycles under his name in the 1983-84. The difference between a Pogliaghi made under his direct supervision and one that was not may be the *PSM* stamp on the seat-lug, and a serial number on the seat-lug or the head-lug. Pogliaghi is on record stating he would retire by 1980, when he was interviewed for the book “The Custom Bicycle” but he officially closed his workshop on 1983. The PSM stamp and the serial numbers disappeared after the Brand sale.


Marc Rossin supposedly took over rights to the marque first, and a number of Pogliaghis appeared with Rossin-style pantographing. Probably by the late 1980s rights to the name had passed to the Basso brothers.



The RX-5

In 1986 Columbia Mfg. began production of the now famous RX-5 to commemorate their 110 year anniversary. This was to be a reproduction of the 1952 5-star Superb Men’s Motobike. The 1952 model in green and cream was itself made to commemorate the company’s 75th anniversary.

The plan was to make a limited production of 5,000.

One of the hopes for this bike was to stimulate a slumping U.S. bicycle market. Import bikes were selling in department stores for less money than one could be made in the U.S. For years Columbia had made lower end department store bikes for the kids market. Now they could not compete with the imports. Columbia Mfg. was loosing the war and needed to do something.

It was felt the answer was to return to making High-End bike shop bikes and the RX-5 would be the thing to get them noticed.


Ultimately this bike would not prevent the bankruptcy that would befall the company in a few shortyears.

This did not change the fact that this was an exceptional bike although it did have it’s flaws.


Some of the good things about this bike were the sheet metal parts. In the 50’s Westfield Mfg. had all their sheet metal parts made by McCauley Metal Products. McCauley was approached again in 1986 to reproduce the chain guards, luggage racks, fenders and tanks for the new RX-5. The good news was all of the original dies used to make the 50’s parts were still around. These were used to stamp ot these parts so they were exactly like the originals.

Some of the other “good things” were the frames, forks, rims, pretty much the rest of the bike was made at the Westfield Columbia factory.


Rick and his crew at Bike-N-Hike


Welcome to Bike-N-Hike, the friendly store that promotes human-powered transportation (bicycling, hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing). 

Bike-N-Hike has been family-owned and operated since its inception in 1973, and has always been committed to excellence.

Rick and Jill Emerson and their staff are anxious to serve you in the industry of Human Powered Transportation; They have owned Bike-N-Hike for 4 years.  Before coming to Bike-N-Hike, Rick competed on the U.S. ski team for a 10 year period while training and racing bicycles in the off season.

We carry a comprehensive variety of bicycles, parts, accessories and clothing, plus, trailers, pedal trailers, car carriers and much more.

We have the most experienced sales and technical staff

in Longmont, with over 100 years combined experience in the bicycle industry.  Whether you are a beginner or an avid cycling enthusiast, our friendly staff will help you find the right bicycle, adjust it for proper fit, and make sure you have all the resources to enjoy riding and keep your bicycle running smoothly. Bike-N-Hike


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