John’s GF Story

bikerOver time I went to the emergency room more than 20 times with severe abdominal cramping. This ended up with having surgery twice for small bowel obstruction. While this help at the time, it never seemed to make a big enough difference.

I am an extreme exerciser. After some very strenuous bike rides I would have to visit the ER and I correlated this to possible dehydration. By staying hydrated and eating a low fiber diet my situation improved, but not enough.

I went to see a holistic doctor, Pierre Brunschwig, at Helios in Boulder.  One of the tests indicated a high probability of gluten intolerance. For the past year I have been gluten free except for minor violations. Being gluten free has helped reduce my incidents of severe abdominal cramping and I have only had one visit to the ER. While being gluten free has not “healed” me completely, it has made me feel much better, I have more energy and I do not have the severe abdominal cramping.

It has taken a little time to adjust to a gluten free diet but it gets easier and easier to stay gluten free. We live in a great place to be gluten free. We also live in a great place to be active and to be an extreme exerciser.


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