Gayle’s HerbSalts

Gayle’s “HerbSalt” and how it came to be:


I was inspired by a gift brought back to me from France, a tiny bag of culinary seasoning, combining herbs with salt.
I so enjoyed cooking with it that is was quickly gone and I decided to try making a batch to be able to continue cooking with it.

I started making small patches, trying different herbs and salts, in various amounts but could not get it right. A year later, I got it right and started making my own small bags of “HerbSalt” to use and give to friends.


One of those friends was Mary Magelena, owner of Mary’s Market in Hygiene. She asked if I would be interested in making my salt in her commercial kitchen and selling it at her store. Of course I said yes!

While designing the packaging and label, I met a food scientist living in Hygiene and she helped me figure out the details to bring the product to market standards. I then met Sticker Giant, also of Hygiene, and they made the labels for the tins to my design and specifications. “HerbSalt” has been so well received that other food stores in the county are now selling the tins, making this a small cottage industry which I am very proud of.

It is amazing what one can do with the help of ones community. Mary’s Market is a real example of bringing a community together with great food, and connections…

I am grateful to be apart of the tiny town of Hygiene, Colorado

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