Emily’s GF Story

I am 17 years old and have been gluten free for five years. In the summer before 7th grade I got a somewhat minor case of salmonella. Before this sickness I had no trouble digesting food and had never been allergic to anything, but after I had salmonella my stomach was still hurting all the time and I started having bumps on my arms. My mom took me back to the doctors and they told me I might have developed an allergy, but it wasn’t so easy figuring out what I was allergic to. The doctors told me to first stop eating dairy products for 2-3 weeks. After the second week I felt the same, I was still having stomach pains. The second thing my doctor told me to stop eating was wheat/gluten. Four days into this diet I felt great, my arms looked better and my stomach hardly hurt. I was never diagnosed with the celiac disease but I didn’t really feel the need to. I was feeling better and that’s all that mattered.


The first few months of being gluten free I would accidently bite into burgers with buns and order meals with bread or hidden wheat or gluten that I didn’t know about. It was hard in the beginning not being able to eat birthday cake at parties and being able to order anything at restaurants. The grocery stores didn’t carry that many choices of gluten free foods, and if they did it was crumbly and bland. In the past 5 years the gluten free “community” has grown and so has the food. I have had so many tasteful cookies, bagels and breads that are all gluten free I have completely forgotten what “wheat” products taste like.


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