Heritage Lavender



Growing plants has always been a defining part of our family’s history. The family records start with Charles Victor Nelson, who homesteaded in 1899 near Platteville, Colorado. The homestead quickly turned into a farm, and it was passed on to Charles Victor’s son, Oscar Oliver Nelson, my grandfather. My father, Chuck Nelson, was born and raised on this farm, his brothers Robert and Harold faithfully kept the farm and it is still a working farm owned by my uncle, Harold Nelson.

Gardening was a part of life. My mother always had beautiful flower beds.  Canning was an annual tradition for my mother and I, as was harvesting the large vegetable garden and making sauerkraut with my father.



Me and my brother Raymond

The John Deere tractor that is on our property which was restored by my husband is the same tractor that was used on this farm by several generations since 1950. My husband, Bob, is a Kansas expatriate. He similarly grew up in a tiny farming town before moving to Colorado.


Bob’s father, Arnold, on his Farmall tractor

My obsession with lavender started after my brother Perry gave me sixteen lavender plants, which he grew from seed. These lavender plants were some of the first I ever grew and are currently part of my cutting garden.


Some of the lavender in the cutting garden


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