Tori’s GF Story (a mom’s view)

In our July 19th newsletter/blog our GF story was by Emily. In this weeks GF story her mother, Tori, will share with you what it is like to be a mom with a child who is gluten free while the rest of the family is not.
About five or six years ago, my daughter got salmonella on a road trip home from the Carolinas. She was sick for a month or two and her stomach never quite felt better.  After doing some medical tests, and not finding anything we decided to do and an elimination diet. For a week, she did not eat dairy but her stomach still hurt. So we had her stop eating wheat. After only two days, she felt better. But she was very sad to learn she was allergic to wheat. It was hard on her at first thinking about the things she would have to give up.  Once in a while she would slip or eat something with wheat and she would have major stomach pains. She said it felt like a knife going into her stomach.  Of course this made her realize it was worth not eating a hoagie. As time went on it got easier and as the years went by more gluten-free products became available. Her friends and people at school knew was gluten-free and always make sure there was something available for her.
At home her brother and father and I still eat wheat products. So pasta dinners create many pots and pans. My daughters sometimes gets upset if we eat her gluten-free products because she believes why eat hers when we can eat ours. My son at first would not eat anything gluten-free but he has come to like many of the foods.
I suppose it could seem like a hassle to cook for two different diets but it has just become a way of life.  With so many gluten-free products, gluten-free restaurants, and more people knowing about it it is easier to be gluten-free even that was five years ago.

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