Debra’s GF Story

I have been gluten free for just over a year. I became gluten free almost by accident. I teach French in high school. I love everything French, especially the food!  Last summer an old professor and mentor came to Colorado to visit. He is one of the reasons I am a French teacher today. While he was here I wanted him to have a great time and enjoy delicious food, so I asked if I could cook for him. While delighted, he told me about a book he read over twenty years ago that recommended the diet he now follows.


He had originally read the book Eat Right For Your Blood Typebecause he was about to have surgery for his horrible migraine headaches. This book told him to eat a low gluten diet among other restrictions. Being on this diet cured his migraines and he did not need the surgery.

For the two weeks he was in town I cooked him a gluten free diet. Of course I ate the same thing. By the end of two weeks, I realized I was feeling better. I had my share of health issues but doctors could never find anything wrong so I just learned to live with how I was feeling. I actually had more energy and my body didn’t hurt.

After my professor left, I stayed with the gluten free diet. My energy continued to increase and my body stopped aching. It made such a change in my energy that my students now ask me to eat bread – they say I have too much energy! When I accidentally eat gluten, I will know within a half hour or forty-five minutes. My bones will start to ache and my body will hurt.

Being a French teacher I love most things French including and especially the food.I love coming to Mary’s and getting to enjoy delicious gluten free foods.  I love the quiches – they are reminiscent of the many quiches I have enjoyed in my time in France!


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