Dale’s GF story

I had never, really, felt great.  Being sick, tired and foggy was normal.  Having random hives and mouth sores was normal.  Having upset stomachs and diarrhea, gas and bloating was normal.  I was diagnosed with IBS, which wasn’t very helpful in my day to day life.

I remember my chiropractic/Chinese medicine doctor telling me once, in my late-twenties, that I should give up wheat.  I joked back that, being a vegan already, all I would have left to eat is tree bark.  Turns out I should have listened to the man.

When I was pregnant with my second child, I found out that I had Celiac Disease.   Giving up gluten at any time is hard; giving it up as a vegetarian while 7 months pregnant is…interesting.  So many of the veggie meats I ate for a quick protein fix had gluten in them.  My midwife started me on a food diary and daily protein shakes to help me gain weight.


But within two weeks of being off gluten, I felt so much better than I had ever felt before.   I had been plagued with a chronic sore in the corner of my mouth that no treatment had been able to clear up.  It was very painful.  I had this cut for 2 years.  In the first few weeks of not eating gluten, the cut was gone.  To this day it’s one of the “tell-tale” signs that I got some gluten – the cut reappears!  So does the bloating and gas and fogginess, but the cut shows up first.

I’ve been GF for nearly 7 years and I am a changed woman.  I have energy to run after my two boys and I don’t catch every cold and flu virus that comes to town.